Warfare Made Easy

God wants us to be happy and at peace.  The devil does not. I hate the devil, and won’t even give him the dignity of capitalizing his name.  Every person who walks the planet deals with temptations, lies and afflictions… Continue Reading →

Longboarding, Vince Lombardi, and a Confessional

Growing up, I had this plaque that had Vince Lombardi’s quote saying “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” I remember receiving that gift and really being hit hard by it.

Trust Issues

We all know the story: boy meets girl, they fall in love, but girl is too scared to give her heart away. I’m not just talking about any ordinary couple though; I’m talking about the Creator of the universe and… Continue Reading →

The Truth and The Lies: Living In Freedom

Ever since I can remember, I have struggled with jealousy. My first memory that I have is one of jealousy.

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